Learnings from National Poetry Writing Month

1. Poetry is a practiced discipline.

Most people I meet would compare poetry to a no-strings-attached affair. Prose is the more strenous counterpart. With NaPoWriMo, I could tangibly see the effect of daily writing on my subsequent poems, and how every poem came out better (at least to me) in aspects, such as

  • the economy of words,
  • the selection of words,
  • the flow of language,
  • the density of emotion.

2. It is important to READ.

3. Experimenting is fun.

I had been writing quite linearly before; my poetic style would resonate as a unique signature of my work. With the wide array of prompts, ranging from “write a sonnet” to “write a haiku”, from “connecting across borders” to “write a poem on ‘yes’”, it was impossible to stick to a fixed style because of the sheer variation of requirements out of my work.

4. Writing with a community goes a long way.

5. Writing is rewarding.

There were prompts that made me think hard. There were prompts that made me introspect moments of my life I would not have otherwise. There were prompts that made me say difficult things, personal or impersonal.



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Anannya Uberoi

Anannya Uberoi

Literature | Philosophy | {Computer Science}