Experiences as a Student Librarian

First day!

I have been associated with the Library and Information Center, IIIT Delhi in many ways, and one of these was a duty of keeping the library open between 9 to 12 at night on weekdays. Since I was a hosteler, this was possible for me. I worked through my monsoon and winter semesters for over a year, but now that I am handling my Teaching Assistant work, I safely withdrew from the position.

Today, I recount my experiences and learnings at the circulation desk.

  • Meditation: College semesters can be stressful. Three hours at the library helped me cool off the sounds of the day and brought me to a more peaceful, balanced state of mind before bedtime.
A display of books on International Women’s Day 2017.

Of course, I was paid a monthly stipend. But, it is the experience that makes me look back and smile.

Literature | Philosophy | {Computer Science}

Literature | Philosophy | {Computer Science}